Best Nutritional Secrets For Optimal Fat Loss

Fat LossThere are many men and women who are struggling to lose weight .There are doing everything but still they are not getting results that they like to have. For this reason I created this post. In this post you are going to find out simple nutritional secrets for fat loss that will help you in losing fat. Make sure you read these secrets and apply them as well.

Let’s start…

Secret #1 – Proteins in Every Meal:

Protein is most important macronutrient for fat loss. It doesn’t matter either you want to lose weight or want to build muscles; proteins should be your number one choice. You have to make sure to include protein in almost your every meal.

Protein increases blocks in your muscles mass and increases thermic effect that speeds up metabolic rate. Body needs more energy to digest protein that means body with burn more calories to digest protein.

Secret #2 – Drink Sufficient Water:

Water is very important for your body. According to latest recommendations by fitness experts, doctors and scientists, everyone should drink at least 2 litres of water but it doesn’t mean you should drink all 2 litres of water in morning instead it is good to keep water bottle near you and drink it after an hour or two.

Not only your body needs water, but also water cut down your hunger. You will not feel hungry for 6 meals a day but if you are thirsty then your body will signal your brain that you are hungry and needs to fill its needs.

Secret #3 – Have Food Log:

Most men and women don’t realize the importance of having food log until their weight loss progress gets stagnant. By keeping food log you can note down foods and drink you consume during the day and after workout session you can analyze how much calories you consume and how much you burn.

By having food log you can keep track of your progress as well which is great motivation booster for you in your weight loss journey.

Secret #4 – Eat Fat To Burn Fat:

fat burning foodsSince decades, Fats are considered as main culprit for weight gain and obesity. But recently many researches proved the importance of fats in weight loss diet. However, you only have to include three types of fats in your diet. These are saturated fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These three types of fats help you to remain healthy and active.

Trans fats are the most unhealthy fat and they are mostly found in processed foods and oily foods.

Animal meat is the best source of saturated fats while nuts and seeds oils are good source for monounsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats found in fish oil and flaxseed oil. [Read: Does Fats Help In Weight Loss?]

Secret #5 – Eat Veggies:

Vegetables are important in every meal. Vegetables contain antioxidants that remove toxics from your body and protect your body from free radicals. Fresh vegetables promote quick muscles healing which is essential especially after workout session when your muscles are broken down.

Vegetables boost fat loss by providing essential minerals and vitamins. Additionally, vegetables can be used to reduce acidity in body that is caused by acid forming foods.

Secret #6 – Eat Often:

nutritionEating often is one of the best ways to lose fat. Don’t get shocked … let me explain.

By eating frequently your metabolism will remain active and your body keeps on burning fat. Most experts recommend eating 6 meals a day but it is good to divide your wake hours by 3 hours and you will find exact amount of meals you need to keep your metabolism working will full efficiency.

Some experts don’t recommend eating post 7 or 8 at night but according to research there should be no problem in eating post 7 to 8 as long as you are eating healthy. Additionally, eating healthy is important when you are eating so often.

Secret #7 – Eat Whole Foods:

Eating whole foods in your meal can make your whole body satisfied. Even you will achieve fat loss quickly if you stick to proper sleeping, adequate eating and right training. Whole foods are healthy foods and they are filled with important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

When eating 4-5 meals a day make sure you add some whole foods in your diet. Because whole foods provide minerals and vitamins that your body needs on daily basis. Additionally, they keep your metabolism working and your body will burn additional calories.

Secret #8 – Organization:

vegetableOrganization of healthy foods is probably the difficult task in weight loss journey. Our society is cover with unhealthy foods and it is already very difficult to get natural and healthy foods. You can lose weight by following the above 7 secrets but whenever there is no healthy foods at your meal time you surely will feel lazy and jump for some burger joint which will halt your weight loss progress.

However if you keep everything organize and plan for whole day at the morning then you can avoid yourself from a lot of anguish.

Secret #9 – Proper Timing of Nutrition:

Number of researches proved that with the help of proteins, carbohydrates and fats one can achieve any type of body. However, some carbs can spike insulin level which results in slow digestion of foods while protein on other hand releases quickly and provides its benefit to the body instantly. Some fats if eaten at wrong night of the day can increase fat gain while other types of fats increases metabolic rate and helps in burning fat.

Monitoring amount of calories intake and hours spend in working out is not enough. You have to consume meal at their optimal time to lose weight.

Secret #10 – Have A Specific Meal Plan:

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